Complete Guide of Affiliate Marketing 2019

In this post, I’ve discussed everything about Affiliate Marketing in 1100+ words, which is needed for anyone who is interested in this sector.

Affiliate Marketing:

A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Complete Guide Of Affiliate Marketing 2019

In this marketing sector, you can promote the products which you haven’t made or invested any money in its production. You can simply make money by promoting this product to those who are ready to buy it. You’ll get a commission after each sell. It can be 1% to 50% or more.

Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing:

A proper resource is needed for any income generating work. As affiliate marketing allows you to gain money, it also requires some resources to get started with.

These are:

  • A Website
  • Content
  • Creativity
  • Program Updates
  • Automation Tools


A Website:

Though marketplaces provide you a link which you have to promote, you can’t just post that link anywhere on the internet. If you do so, you might be a victim of “ban”. So, what’s the solution for this?

A Landing Page. And a website of your’s is your landing page where you wants your traffic to come. After clicking on the affiliate link, they will be redirected to the seller site.


A lot of people admitted that -” Content Is King”. And it’s true. Why would people buy a product when they know nothing about that? Even you won’t buy a new product without knowing anything about that product.

In this case, our content will help us selling the product. We will write everything about the product and it will be published as a content.

After knowing the product details, people will start to think about the usage of that product, which will lead them to buy that product.


Though you weren’t charged making the product, you have to use your creativity to sell the product.Thousands of affiliate marketers are promoting the same products.

At this point, you can stand out using your creativity to make your product more reliable, attractive and useful. By this, you can add a boost to your product sell.


Program Updates:

Be updated. If you remain outdated about anything, you will lag behind. Others will take your place surely. In affiliate marketing, we need to know about everything happening in this sector.

You have to find the best deal for you and your audience, the best deal means a product with a high commission. By keeping yourself updated, you won’t lose any opportunity of making some extra money and expanding your business.

Automation Tools:

Affiliate marketing is all about maintaining your new and old customers. If you fail to establish any kinds of connection with your customers, you will surely lose your customers.

Taking care of thousands of customers one by one is totally impossible. To do everything for you, software and many other services will charge you. You have to bear that charges because you don’t have any other way.

They will collect emails for you, send them welcome emails for you and many more. You can be helped by these paid tools:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit

These tools can be used for only Email Marketing or you can just use them to step up your affiliate marketing game. They are all paid but you can make tons more by using them properly.

Where to start?

While there are various kinds of website that allow promoting their product with a high commission rate, I would suggest you stick with Click Bank first few months.

After gaining some information about affiliate marketing, you can go here and there searching for the best suitable site for you. But for beginners Click Bank is the best because it’s simple to understand and easy to apply.

Types Of Payment:

Everybody will give you a commission after a product or services are sold. But it is divided into two categories.

  • Recurring affiliate program
  • Single payment affiliate program

1.Recurring affiliate program: This type of affiliate programs are way more beneficial than a single pay affiliate program. You are going to have commissioned your entire life if your referral customers are willing to stay with the company. You will get a certain amount of paycheck each and every month in these kinds of program.

2. Single payment affiliate program: It’s not like a recurring affiliate program. You will get a certain amount of commission only one time when someone from your site driven to the product site and make a purchase.

Both of them has their pro’s and cons. You have to figure out is going to work for you. And again, you can experience both kinds of payment in Click Bank.

Niche Selection:

Successful affiliate marketing is depended on choosing the right niche at the right time. At first, you have to learn what is your site all about.

Who is your audience? Your audience liking and passion, everything is needed for you to come up with a product with a view to selling to them.

As an example -Don’t advertise a physical product to your techy website. By this, you will offend your audience and might lose the trust of them. Go to any marketplace, select your type of product and start promoting it.

Generating Traffic:

After preparing everything as needed, you need the last and important thing which is traffic. Affiliate marketing is highly dependent on mass traffic.

If you get huge traffic, you can make more sell and earn more money. Otherwise, you can’t. Generating traffic can be done in two ways, paid and free.

Paid Traffic: If you pay Google to advertise your site, and get traffic from it then it will be called as paid traffic. Again, if you pay online dealers with a huge email list to promote your product and site, then it will be called as paid traffic too.

Free Traffic: People search on the web, on various matters. Normally they go straight those sites which are ranking at the first page of google. The website owner doesn’t need to pay for that huge traffic. These are called free traffic or organic traffic. If you want to get organic traffic you have to do your site’s SEO properly and rank it to the first page of google.

Short Note About Affiliate Marketing:


“Affiliate Marketing is also known as a passive income generator. You can’t fully be depended on affiliate marketing for your living. You have to do your other job and promoting this should be done in your off time. You won’t make thousands of dollars in your first month, but it will gradually increase and then you can take this marketing as your primary income source”

26th April, 2019


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